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SpringOne2GX 2014 Keynote

Last fall, I had the distinct pleasure to keynote at Pivotal’s 2014 SpringOne2GX conference. My message was one of speed; that is, speed is the killer app. Indeed, Spring Boot has been a breath of fresh air and a boon to development velocity. Boot is the bedrock for developmental speed on the JVM.

In fact, a simple Boot app can fit into a tweet, as Rob Winch ingeniously demonstrated in August of 2013.

As I said at the conference and still maintain:

Spring Boot makes it super easy and quick to make Spring-powered, production ready services without a lot of code! A Hello World app in a tweet is a radical departure from what it took 10 years ago! Out-of-the-box non-functional features like security, metrics, health-checks, embedded servers, and externalized configuration made Boot an easy choice…

Check out Spring Boot! I think you’ll be impressed.